BlockInnovation Wins Crypto Exchange Development Project

BlockInnovation Tech Wins Blockchain Based Exchange Development Project from Australia’s Metal Exchange Metex

access_time 22th Jan, 2018

BlockInnovation Tech is India’s Blockchain startup based out of Delhi-NCR region. We were approached for blockchain based tokenization and exchange development projects by METEX founders in January ‘18. METEX is going to be the first Metal exchange to use Blockchain as underpinning technology. METEX is not just a virtual Metal exchange but they will be making physical delivery as well even in smaller quantities.

Crypto Exchange Development for a Metal Backed Stablecoin

Commenting on this development, Rajeev Verma, founder of BlockInnovation Tech said

“Big day for us! Blockchain Tech is going to revolutionize how we exchange value. No better way to start than the financial assets and commodities. It’s a challenging project but we already have developed Exchange and e-Wallets. Now, we have to take care of tokenization and integration of exchange with blockchain tech. We are excited to work on it.”

METEX is expected to be launched in October 2018. While METEX founders and promoters are busy taking regulatory approvals and roadshows, we are starting off with both tokenization and exchange development projects. Timelines are short and challenging but we are sure to make it.

World has seen numerous blockchain based projects raising funds in billions of dollars during 2017-18. Almost everyone right from individuals, businesses, institutions, governments were involved in this frenzy in one way or the other. The prices of several cryptocurrencies skyrocketed within couple of months. As usual, the correction had to happen. While few projects sailed through the correction in crypto market, many projects died or gone dormant.

We have been watching all the events closely and taking the learnings from them. We firmly believe in the power of Blockchain Tech & it’s future and that's why investing time and resources into it.

Winning METEX Exchange project is a big motivation and this is just the beginning. While we are working on exchange development, we will be looking into opportunities for blockchain tech application beyond cryptocurrencies. Blockchain tech can do wonders for other industries as well like Education, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Agriculture, Government Programs etc. We will keep exploring. Coming months are going to be very exciting and we intend to make the most of it.

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