BlockInnovation to Launch Vertical Exchange Vertico.Io

BlockInnovation to Launch Vertical Exchange Vertico.Io

access_time 8th April, 2018

BlockInnovation Tech, is a Fintech company based out of Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR Region. We are foraying into blockchain based Vertical Exchange. The advent of decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin paved way for a revolutionary technology Blockchain. The tech world is abuzz with newer blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies which are used as a tool to fund path breaking projects. These currencies can not only be used to avail the benefits of blockchain tech but can be traded freely as an asset as well.

There are few good Crypto Exchanges catering to the investors, traders and other crypto enthusiasts. What we see in the area of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies is merely tip of iceberg. The market is going to grow exponentially which lead to development of ecosystem that facilitates this journey.

The change is inevitable and BlockInnovation intends to lead!

We are all set to launch our own Cryptocurrency Vertical Exchange where we will list the currencies based on their projects like Healthcare, Real Estate, Payments etc. This will help crypto enthusiasts to identify the most appropriate pairs depending on their interests and domain expertise. won’t be plain vanilla trading platform but will have advance trading tools, charts, indicators etc. We intend to add to ever growing blockchain ecosystem and enrich it by contributing positively.

Exchange is set to be launched in Aug 2018. Will keep you posted.

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