Company Overview

About BlockInnovation Tech WHO WE ARE

Tech geeks bitten by Blockchain bug! Yes, that's who we are! A proud part of small yet ever growing global community that understands and foresees the power of Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain tech has potential to be the panacea for several problems that our Industries, Organizations, Institutions & individuals face on day to day basis. The complexities of systems make TRUST the most important factor. With ever increasing size of complexities and dynamics of globalization, TRUST LESS systems are the need of hour where Blockchain tech can help.

Change is inevitable and we intend to lead.


  • Problem Identification

    Identification of Problem or Opportunity areas in consultation with client. We sit with the client, discuss the issues they are facing or the area where they intend to improve like the processes, operation, policies etc. This helps is identify the actual problem.

  • POC (Proof of Concept)

    Our skilled team plan and develop a Proof of Concept which is then shared with client. It’s tested on live environment. Improvement, if any, is made as per the feedback.

  • Deployment

    Once POC or Proof of Concept is approved, we plan the full scale deployment with client’s team. Training is conducted for all the people designated by client. Depending on the scale of impact, we may go with complete deployment at one go or in phases.

blockinnovation Vision

Our vision is to enable businesses, institutions and individuals to transact and interact in trustless environment within seconds and at fractional cost.

blockinnovation Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that reduce cost and increase profit for our customers with the help of customer centric employees which ultimately generate value for all the stakeholders.

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